The site at Kamulu looks very different from the empty grassland and scrub we saw when we first went there. Now the first five foundations are built and the first two houses are almost finished. The other three will soon be up to gable level. Once they are all roofed, the solar panels and guttering will be installed and water, sewerage, solar and electrical connections completed in all five houses.


We continue to seek funds, so that before long, the first five families will move into  new homes that they themselves have helped to build.

After that, work will begin on the next group of houses


In these galleries you will some of the people who are working so hard to build their own future.

You can follow their most recent progress  in A good start to 2021, while Pictures speak louder than words shows the construction work  from June to November 2020.

The water tanks, tower and septic tank were built in 2019, shown in

The MWAMKO members are hard at work.