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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Many important lessons were learned from the first building phase. Some were about the best way to proceed and to implement lessons learned. Most of all, the capacity, the conscientiousness and the commitment of the MWAMKO builders and their family members had shown that they could reach building targets more quickly than anticipated, as long as funds are available to do so.

A decision was taken by the CHG Board to start walling work on the other four foundations. This will allow the benefit of economies of scale when it comes to buying and installing solar panels and guttering, sanitary ware and kitchen equipment and connecting the houses to electricity, water and sewerage systems.

Some changes to design and procedure were made as a result of Phase 1. The wooden floor of the attic has been changed to a concrete slab. The wood was imported and didn't provide the good sound insulation provided by concrete. The structural engineer has ensured that the design and its implementation was sound. Two extra courses of bricks have been added to the attic walling, to raise the roof and provide more headspace. After discussion between MWAMKO members and the CHG Board, the covered porch also now serves as a balcony to the attic room. This was in the original plans submitted for planning permission and increases the usable space there, as it can seat four or five people, with a door and a small window replacing the earlier window.

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