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Raising the roof(s)

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Through April and into May 2021, despite a new Covid-19 Nairobi lockdown but observing all regulations, building work continued enthusiastically. When the land was bought in 2012, with considerable foresight, the area was largely used by pastoralists for their animals. Inevitably, given the pressures on Nairobi's growing population, the land available to pastoralists is diminishing,. Sadly, the days when cow bells are heard here are rapidly coming to an end.. More happily, it will become a place where the sounds of children playing and families going about their daily routines will be heard instead, very far from the lives they are leading today.

New timber trusses have been erected in all four houses. These were lighter than those originally planned because the extra walling to the attic level meant that there was less roof to cover, so less weight.

After the trusses came the roofs, all now in place. Now windows, internal and external doors and the staircases will soon be installed.

We are very grateful for the donations which have helped the project come so far. We need more help, though, from donations large and small, so that the current building site can in due course become a flourishing community of the twenty five MWAMKO families

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