The Korogocho Project, Nairobi, needs your help!

We have

  • the land 
  • house designs and layout
  • planning permission 
  • young people taught building skills
  • work on water supply and sewerage infrastructure already started
  • and we have a community of some 160 people  in need, from 26 families, who also contribute their own efforts, abilities and resources to the project

Now we need to raise the funds to start building homes for them to live in!

Our exciting and unusual project has proceeded quite slowly, steadily gathering more and more support over time. Without the many generous supporters and donors right from the beginning  giving small amounts as well as some quite large sums, we would never have been able to buy land. We are grateful to all those people and and to charitable and grant-giving bodies in the UK and Kenya who have believed in this collaborative community approach to enabling people to have decent housing. 
We are not a large charity and we use the money we are given very carefully for specific and defined stages towards our goal. The project has, thanks to the efforts of our partners, the Commonwealth Housing Group Kenya, also received awards of small grants and donations from bodies such as UN Habitat, The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Kenya), Kenya Lotto, and most recently  prizes from Yetu, an arm of the Aga Khan Foundation.





  The project has received a huge amount of professional pro bono help at every stage, from house design and layout, preparing and submitting the planning application; two very dedicated Kenyan graduate engineers  have been helping for several years, as well as surveyors; there has been technical, administrative and IT support;  people have advised on publicity and media and there has been help with training in building skills from construction companies - it seems almost an endless list of people and organisations who believe in what we are doing and want it to succeed. 
We have now reached a critical mass, a point where everything is coming together and gathered momentum. We can see that we shall be able to start constructing the houses very soon. There will be as much self-build as possible and community members will also undertake other tasks to help move things along, as they have done throughout. But we need professional contractors as well and we have to buy materials and services for the houses.

The total estimated cost of the self-build project is £300,000.

Anything you can spare will make a great  difference to the MWAMKO families and their hope for new homes.

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