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Mwito Wa Makao Korogocho

A call for better homes for the people of Korogocho

An invitation to join us in our Korogocho Project

We are working to help a community of 25 families living in great need in one of Nairobi’s worst slums, providing financial support to help them build new homes in a safe environment on the outskirts of the city.


The families formed a self-help group, MWAMKO, and contribute their own efforts, abilities and resources to the project.


The project is managed by the well-qualified Board of a local Community-Based Organisation, the Commonwealth Housing Group, set up for that purpose. The Board includes two members of MWAMKO

The current main aim of the Commonwealth Housing Trust  is to raise funds for this project.


What has been achieved so far:

  • two acres of land purchased and ownership registered

  • planning permission granted for 25 houses

  • 25 young unemployed MWAMKO family members were given training and work experience in various building skills 

  • they and other family members are working on the site

  • they have appropriate professional support


Excellent progress has been made 

  • five families moved in on 31st March 2022

  • a sixth house is now roofed fully funded by a kind donor in memory of his father, who loved Kenya and its people

  • another generous donor has funded a seventh house which now has its foundation slab, ready for walling work

  • and another benefactor has stepped forward to fund the eighth house, thus completing the first row of houses


The second phase of house-building, starting soon, will

  • develop and extend infrastructure across the site

  • incorporate green, sustainable solutions wherever possible

  • construct the other seventeen homes, as funding permits

  • You can help MWAMKO members reach this goal by donating whatever sum you can afford - as with bricks, all gifts, however small,  taken together can create a home.

If you would like to join us in supporting the families as they build their new homes and new lives you can bring their dream closer if you  donate today



CHT is a UK charity, established by the late Clifford Dann in 2004 to provide material assistance and funding for self build projects for people in any of the Commonwealth countries. 

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