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  • Valerie Kent

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When the site was bought in 2012 it was open, undeveloped land, with just two houses and a small church visible a distance away and with no nearby amenities other than electricity poles along the track.(PHOTO here) Today the area, Kamulu, is home to a thriving community with shops, several schools and greatly improved public transport. As you will see in the photographs, a wall has now been built by the developers of an adjacent small housing estate.

The ground at the site is 45 cm of black cotton soil on top of extremely hard rock. Black cotton soil is always a problem in construction: it is thin and light and unstable, drying out easily and becoming very slippery when wet.

At the beginning of the current construction phase experienced workers were brought in to use the heavy equipment needed to push the black cotton soil to the edge of the site - the huge mound you will see in the background of many of the photographs. In line with our commitment to sustainability the soil has not been removed in lorries but will be recycled.

The rock is, of course, a great asset when building strong foundations!

The Project Manager is at the site daily, two MWAMKO members are First Aiders and one of them is always present when there is work on site. The Safety Officer is a CHG intern and is on the site full-time during any works. The MWAMKO members are set up in two separate teams working at different times.

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