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  • Valerie Kent

The MWAMKO Members are Hard at Work

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The essence of these pictures is to show the MWAMKO members hard at work. The skilled tradesmen in the group and the successful trainees are great assets. This is a community-based project but members are not involved in work demanding levels and types of construction skills beyond those they have.

Contractors are hired specifically to do those jobs. So far this has been for tasks involving mechanical digging work ready for the septic tank and water tower erection, and for constructing the water tower itself and installing the water tanks. Laying water pipes for the houses has been done by the members under the direction of a trained plumber in MWAMKO, as seen in the later set of photos.

Installing a water supply to the site and to the houses as well as building the underground septic tank were essential works, allowing building phase of the project to get under way. All this was made possible because of the generosity of the Kenya Lotto and the Church of the Latter Day Saints in response to submissions from CHG (Kenya) for the water and sanitation infrastructure.

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