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  • Valerie Kent

We Have Ground Breaking News - Literally!

The project is entering a new phase. Two acres of land with secure title were bought some time ago, thanks to generous donations, large and small, in response to fundraising appeals by CHT. Then the house design site layout were  developed and planning permission was granted.

We were about to appeal for funds at the end of 2018 in order to dig a borehole for a supply of clean water when suddenly new Nairobi regulations were introduced. These restricted the number of boreholes permitted in a given area and we were not allowed to dig our own. This setback has in fact turned out well for us because we are able to access water by connecting to a nearby borehole and paying for metered  use.  

After intense scrutiny of their proposal a grant has been won by CHG, our partners in Nairobi, awarded by the Kenyan branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. This is to cover the costs of connecting to the borehole and of constructing all the water  and sewerage infrastructure in readiness for the houses. The direct involvement of the members of the families who will benefit from the project was deemed a very positive aspect of the grant application.

Now, we are delighted to report that contractors have moved in to start this work. Although we will always include as much self-build by the community as possible, our site stands on about 45cm of black cotton soil on top of solid rock. Any thought of digging out for a septic tank down  through nearly 4 metres of rock by hand was rendered unnecessary because the grant covers contractors and machinery for the work to be done.

In order to have running water to the houses huge water storage tanks are needed, also a tower to put them on and a pump to get the water up to the tanks. Thanks to CHG winning another grant, this time from the Kenya Lotto, specifically for purchasing and installing the water tanks and tower, another contractor is moving on site this coming week to install the tower.

These two grants for water and sanitation total approximately £15,000.

CHG's Project Manager, paid from  CHT funds, is on site every day to supervise the contractors and handle paperwork. The site is guarded at night.

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