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  • Valerie Kent

Aiming High

On 10th August 2019 Aashna Puri and three friends travelled to Tanzania and climbed Mount Kiliminjaro, Africa's highest mountain. Once they had organised their trip they generously decided to dedicate their climb to raising funds for CHT, towards our appeal for the significant funds  needed for  the next stage of our project - actually building the houses! Their climb up - and down again -took seven days altogether, in high altitude conditions of cold and thinning levels of oxygen.

Aashna and her friends were successful and would like to thank you all for your support. Kilimanjaro which was an incredible and both physically and mentally challenging experience. She is happy to report that they all summited Uhuru Peak (although at different times)!

And thanks to so many kind supporters they succeeded in raising £3,858.

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