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What Does the Project Look Like?

The Site

Final draft location map CHT  copy.png

The Plan

Key elements in the architect's brief were durability and sustainability, as well as low running and maintenance costs. Each has a solid foundation and incorporates features such as solar panels, rain and groundwater harvesting and a “shamba”, a garden where the family can grow food. The best green solutions are implemented wherever possible, with ongoing discussion with local experts as the work proceeds. These criteria apply to the whole site, including the design of the drainage and sewerage systems, the fencing of the site and of the individual plots and the internal road paving. The first house is on Plot 8, and is followed by Plots 7 -4 (see site map).

Kamulu is on the outskirts of Nairobi and the site was chosen by CHG, MWAMKO and CHT together. Since the site was bought the area is seeing great expansion of building and of public transport. There will be work for our builders once the project is over. There are now many schools, shops, churches and amenities. When we first saw it there were a few goats, some cattle, two churches, a school and very few houses.

1 house from rear and left side - see th
Mwamko final site layout.jpg
2 house from fron and right side.jpg
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