Completed Projects

Gilgil Township Hostel

Gilgil is a small township 65 miles north-west of Nairobi.  It is a mountainous area and children often have to walk long distances to attend primary schools. Those with disability may not be able to walk, but if they can they are vulnerable, and girls in particular run the risk of abuse and rape.

At Gilgil Township primary school (900 pupils) there is a separate teaching unit for children with special needs, and we decided to raise funds to build a hostel within the school grounds.  The design, accommodating 32 youngsters, allows for future extension should the need arise.  The children will be collected by their families for home life at weekends, and of course, during school holidays.

9 New Homes in Sri Lanka

It is estimated that 75,000 houses were severely damaged.  Working closely with the Surveyors’ Institute of Sri Lanka we sponsored the building of new homes for the poorest people who needed so much help.


This was a ‘hands on’ scheme, organised and supervised by professional surveyors who volunteered their services.  100% of all money raised was used directly for the reconstruction works.

Many people in the UK have wondered how the vast sums that were donated to the official central fund were actually used, and sadly many families who lost everything are still living in temporary camps.  CHT arranged for construction work on 9 houses to proceed without delay.